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“My name is Val and I am a supervisor at the North Iowa Juvenile Detention Services in Iowa. We started a tracking and monitoring program approximately five years ago. We contract all of our ankle monitors through CMG Safeguard (a DBA for Glenda’s House Arrest). The monitors they provide are unique in the fact that no land line or beacon is needed in the home. This has been an awesome alternative to detention and keeps cost down for participating counties. I like the fact that I have been allowed to work with the same staff one on one throughout the entire time. This staff and the CEO of CMG Safeguard personally came to Iowa and trained our management team. We have been so happy with the services that CMG Safeguard provides that we have extended the programming to another region of Iowa. We are looking forward to continual services with CMG Safeguard, and hope this program continues to expand. I am confident that your company would be more than satisfied if you choose to do business with them.”
Val Meyerhoff Supervisor at N. Iowa Juvenile Detention Center


In September of 2013 our company Bailn-U Bail Bonds decided to add a new and valuable tool to our bail company. That tool was the Ankle Bracelet system supplied to us by CMG tracking. Megan Gomez from CMG tracking has been by our side

for the past 2 1/2 years helping us to get bails changed from cash only to surety bails by being able to add electronic monitoring to our already successful supervision program. The Bracelet has been proven to be very helpful when trying to take a high bail or a cash only bail and convert it to a more reasonable bail that also defendants to obtain services from our bail company. We have had great success and have even been able to help those who pretrial services have rejected and show the Court that through our surety bail company and our many different options to monitor defendants including ankle Bracelets that surety bail is a great option.


Sincere thanks to CMG.

Sheri Davis
Owner of Bailn-u bail bond Inc.
New Hampshire