Our Equipment

We currently use and provide these products for GPS tracking needs:


  • First commercially-proven one-piece GPS tracking device
  • GPS jamming and shielding detection
  • Tamper resistant fiber optic strap and clips
  • Receives one GPS location point every minute
    BluTag V5
  • Stores approximately 10 days of monitoring data
  • Audible tone and vibrate features, manual or automated
  • Unlimited immediate Location Requests
  • Enhanced secondary location technology
  • RF tether and communication options
  • Most important part of the device
  • GPS defeated when battery allowed to die
  • Powers device for 48+ hours on a single charge
  • Charge battery for one hour per day
  • Longest battery life for a single charge when receiving one GPS location point per minute
  • 1,440 GPS location points every day –no other device receives this many
  • Sealed in waterproof case


BLU+ left-sml-med









• RF with location functionality

• Works with BLUbox and BLUscan

• No home phone service needed

• Schedule three mandatory Check‐N

locations outside the enrollee’s home

• Immediate notification of curfew and

Check‐N violations regardless of the

enrollee’s location

• Immediate Location Requests at all


• Battery powers the device for 7 days

• Recharge the battery for one hour

every week



Coming soon….