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Q: Do I need to have a land line installed?

A: No. But we do require to have a personal number that we can reach you on at any given time.

Q: Can I still go to work while wearing a bracelet? 

A: In most cases yes. Some people are ordered to strict home confinement by a judge which would require them to remain in their house.

Q: Can I shower with a bracelet?

A: Yes. All of our equipment is waterproof and can be submerged in a bath, pool, lake etc. We do not allow sauna use at all.

Q: Who qualifies for electronic monitoring?

A: Electronic monitoring can be issued in a number of situations. You can request Glenda’s House Arrest to provide electronic monitoring as an alternative sentence prior to your sentencing date (referral forms are available upon request). A bracelet can be worn in lieu of collateral if approved by your bail bondsman on your ordered bail or can be ordered as a condition of release for bail. We can also provide bracelets for elective wearers in attempt to prove ones whereabouts.

Q: Can the bracelet be removed?

A: Only by your GPS officer or an authorized person. Removal of a bracelet by a person not authorized results in a violation. Criminal charges can be pressed and all persons responsible will be financially pursued.

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